1. fuckyeahfantasyfashion:

    New Fangled Battle-Spurats by porkshanks

    HOLY CRAP. These would make FANTASTIC steam-punk Long Fall Boots. *HEAVY BREATHING*

  2. dynamicafrica:

    All images via the FaceHunter.

    (via queeraoke)

  3. The pencil sketch of a digital illustration.

    The Topsy Turvy circus featuring Phil, The Robo-Pachyderm, and Seraphina, The Queen of the Sky! Oh, and there’s Malcolm!

    I like to give my characters weird names.


  4. (Please excuse the gigantic file sizes when I post things. I am still trying to figure out this whole blog thing.)

  6. Some doves I designed for a fancy illustration.

    Visit my website if you want to see the final result!


  7. Character design for a ghostly magician. He is quite the prankster~

    I have a website now!


  8. Bored at work. Sketched a thing!

    I’d ship them :D

    (Sorry if the photo is sideways. The tumblr phone app is dumb.)

  9. repair-her-armor:

    Snegoalthorp submitted:

    A reason for the madness.

    Nebezial on deviantART had a couple of funny comics that I thought would fit into the theme of this blog well. Does a great job at poking fun on ridiculous female armor and giving it a hilarious far-fetched reason for its design. 

    Links to original images: Now You KnowDroppin Some Science On Ya

    dragonslover1 submitted:

    Droppin some science on ya.

    Considering the content of this site, I think you might find this amusing (I did). Also be sure to check out the previous picture linked in the description.

    This is very funny, and I hope everyone reading this will click through those links to read it in its’ entirety. I’m not posting it all here because I want to make sure the artist (link!) gets credit where credit is due. Thanks for sending this in, I needed a science lesson right about now.



  10. avhlari:



    Inspired by The Female Armor Bingo, I present to you my short guide to armor bust areas, to better help you decide what to wear :P

    Any resemblance to particular armors, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Well… mostly.

    So glad my bingo game caught on and inspired you! Amazing job!

    This is so awesome, reminds me of Tica’s breakdown of the most typical MMORPG costumes on repair-her-armor. Always great to have more guides through stupid design tropes for future reference!

    If you’re going to continue this into a series, please link all the following parts once they’re done (guessing the butt area would be next to go ;P)!

    I’ll never understand the boob window.

    (via queeraoke)